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Proper tree and shrub pruning demands an understanding of plant structure, biology, and aesthetics. Our arboricultural technicians specialize in trimming in all levels of Portland's tree canopy, from mature maples and Douglas firs down to delicate Japanese maples. We also care for smaller shrubs and decorative landscaping that includes rhododendrons and camellias.

We follow guidelines established through decades of research by the International Society of Arboriculture. These proven techniques include:

  • Thinning trees to increase air flow and light
  • Removing dead material and diseased wood
  • Selectively removing crossed branches
  • Raising a tree's crown of branches to provide more space underneath
  • Correcting problems caused by poor pruning earlier in the tree's life

In any given year, only 25% to 33% of a tree should be removed. Mature trees, in particular, are vulnerable to excessive pruning. Our experts can identify the correct amount of trimming needed to ensure your tree’s beauty for years to come.


We love trees and truly appreciate the role they play in enhancing our urban environment. Sometimes, though, they outgrow their space, succumb to disease or fall during storms and become hazardous. Our arboricultural technicians exercise the utmost care to protect nearby structures, other plants, powerlines and people when removing trees at the end of their lives.

Cabling & Bracing

Proper cabling techniques can extend the life of trees with poor structure or weakened limbs. We use cabling and brace rods whenever possible to avoid removal. Our system relies on non-invasive techniques that won’t further compromise the integrity of the plant.


We can evaluate the health and structural integrity of your trees, providing necessary treatments to reduce the risk of failure. These often involve pruning to reduce wind resistance or the installation of structural support to limit branch movement. Our arborists are also knowledgeable of the diseases, fungi, insects, rot and other common threats to landscaping in the Northwest.

Stump Grinding

We use contractor-grade equipment to remove old stumps from yards, pastures, cleared lots and business property. Our crews grind stumps to at least ground level.

Uplifting of Trees

Removing low branches can making your yard look less cluttered, reduce debris and improve curb appeal.

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